Registration open!

Registration for the 2015 Conlang Card Exchange is now open! Go here to submit your postal address and exchange preferences, and you will receive the addresses to exchange with at the beginning of December.

Registration will remain open for one week, until Friday the 27th.

Please share this post to any conlanging forums that you frequent!

Your Card Exchange administrators
Amanda Furrow and Aaron Crow Simon

Conlang Card Exchange 2015 registrations opening Friday, November 20th

Yes, we are back! The Conlang/Concultural Card Exchange will be operating this December!

What is the Card Exchange? Conlangers send each other, in the paper mail, a card-sized item in their conlang. It can be holiday-related or not, about this-world holidays or about the holidays of your own conculture. For more details see here.

When is the Card Exchange? Registration opens Friday November 20th and will close one week later. You will receive addresses to mail your cards to at the beginning of December.

Who can participate in the Card Exchange? Anyone with a conlang! You can choose whether to exchange cards overseas or (if your country/continent has enough participants) just domestically, and whether to exchange with anyone or just those coming from the same online conlanging communities you feel a part of.

Your Conlang Exchange administrators,
Amanda and Aaron

Addresses sent out

Addresses for mailing your cards were sent out late Saturday night. Please let me know if you did not receive yours, or if you will not be able to participate!

Thank you, and sorry for the delay.

Registration closing tomorrow

If you registered, you should have either received a “You are registered” email (at the time of registration) or an email from your friendly Card Exchange Administrator (December 9th) asking for further information. If you did register but did not receive either of these, please contact Registration will be closing, hopefully tomorrow December 10th, and shortly after that emails will go out with the postal mail addresses of your exchange partners.

Last-minute registrants, hurry over to the registration survey!

Emails have gone out

I’ve just sent out the emails giving everyone the mailing addresses of their exchange partners. If you were registered for the exchange and did not receive an email, please leave a comment letting me know!

International cards should be sent as quickly as possible (it took me a few days longer to match you all up than I expected!) Cards being sent locally should be posted by the 15th.